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The House That Almost Got Away

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

It was one of my very first listings (that's a story all in itself). And while all of my friends were out playing in some body of water somewhere over Memorial Day, I decided that I had the best idea ever, and would stay home and hold my listing open the entire four day weekend. I had decided that the serious buyers would still be out looking and that that would be the weekend I would find my seller a buyer. I was so sure of myself that I called my seller and told her just that. 

On the second day of opens, "The Buyers" walked in. I knew they were the buyers after about 10 minutes and I got super excited. We started chatting about the house and their current situation, and they informed me that they still had a house to sell before they could buy. They then confessed their love for the house we were in. We hit it off, and they decided that the quickest way to get this house, would be to have me list theirs. It was some added incentive. When I got on board, I scheduled a weekend of open houses, marketed it in the newspaper, brought snacks, and even bribed the neighbor to move his unsightly tractor with homemade cookies. As luck would have it, we got it under contract by the second week.

During this time, I had been taking them out to look at other houses, just to be sure that my listing really was the one. Then, apparently it wasn't because they fell in love with a different house! I was totally shocked but still happy to help, and got them under contract. We made it through inspections, then the appraisal came back, no joke, 100k under contract price. I was totally freaking out for both my buyer and the seller on that property, but then I got the call. My buyer Paul called that evening and said, "Tanya, you know those eighties movies where the girl has the right guy in front of her the whole time, but she doesn't see it until the very last minute?" "Yeah," I said, "Well that's Saddlehorn. Saddlehorn is our house. I swear that was the first time real estate gave me grey hair. So the next day, we canceled the contract on the current house because of the low appraisal, and wrote an offer on the house that I always knew would be theirs. To this day, they still live there and are raising their adorable kids, and sweet dog Mona. I was able to help two families in a big way, and I'll never forget that real estate roller coaster.

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