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"To be considered for listing in the National Register, a property must meet three broad qualifiers: first, it must be at least fifty years old (although rare exceptions are made); second, it must have significance, or documented importance; and third, the property must retain historic integrity—its important historic features are present and recognizable. "

  " In determining integrity, the National Register examines seven aspects of a property’s makeup and environment to determine if it conveys its significance: location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, association, and feeling. As change is a part of any property’s history, the National Register acknowledges that very few historic properties retain all their original historic features—but in order to be historic, a property must retain the essential aspects of integrity that convey its historic identity " 


Helpful Resource

They suggest first,

checking out the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). For Arizona, that's AZ State Parks 

 Preservation & Inclusion

Today’s preservation movement recognizes the need for more complete, inclusive representation of communities across the...

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The Government Offers

wo tax programs for owners of historic properties. The main program is for owners of private...

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