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My Favorite Success Story

As part of my growth in the upcoming year and as a way to reflect on my business, I’m going to start sharing my favorite success stories. Since this is the first one, it would only be suitable to share my favorite success story of my career. 

My clients are Larry and Elaine, two of the very kindest people that I have ever met. They were relocating to Tucson from Sierra Vista to be closer to their kids and new grand baby (pretty much what everyone does as soon as a grand baby enters the picture). We had started looking at property as they had time, and I immediately enjoyed my time with them. Then tragedy struck and Elaine suffered a heart attack at her son’s wedding. It was terrible. They brought her to a hospital in Tucson and Larry never left her side. He slept every night at the hospital, and sometimes I would pick him up not even to look at houses, but just to grab a quick bite to eat and have a few minutes away. 

During all of this, they still had to find a new home. There was no way to stall because the house they lived in in Sierra Vista was already under contract. With a heavy heart, Larry and I went out and looked at property as often as he could. Every house we looked at, we looked at with Elaine in mind. You see, Elaine is a quilter (still hoping for a quilt someday), so she needed room to keep all of her quilting supplies. Plus, having lived a full long life already, they had accumulated lots of beloved items that needed a space in their new home. We looked at TONS of houses. All the while, Elaine was doing her best to recover in the hospital. There were lots of highs and lows during this time, so I just did my best to support them however I could.

One day we finally stumbled upon “The One”. This house was perfect, and Larry and I knew it from the moment we went inside. Unfortunately more than just us thought the house was perfect, and it quickly turned into a bidding war. I knew that I had to get them this house, so I used some outside the box negotiating a long with a heartfelt letter from Larry, and got them the house! It was one of the most rewarding negotiations I have done in my career. Not only did I find them that perfect house, but I got to see the happiness in Elaine’s eyes when she finally got to see that house. When I saw her response, I knew that we truly had found the perfect house. 

Years have gone by now, and I still see Larry and Elaine whenever I can. They have truly become part of my family. Elaine is recovered now, and still that spunky woman that I grew to love through all of this. It warms my heart when I go by their house (especially during Christmas time), and see all of the warmth and love that they have put into it. I was able to help them during one of the toughest times of their entire lives, and for me that is the biggest reward I could ever receive. Experiences like these are why I am proud to be a Realtor, and why I know that I have found the perfect career for myself.

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