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I will ALWAYS hope to win by Corgument.

For this week's blog, I thought I'd share my favorite bidding war experience. I was actually helping one of my best friends at the time purchase her first house. She had a tight budget and fell in love with a house right at the top of her price point. For a first house, it was great. It was remodeled, had a ton of space for all of her animals, and probably the biggest pool in Tucson, complete with diving board. 

I knew I had to get her that house, so I decided to think outside the box. At this point there were already multiple offers in, and she needed concessions plus had a limit to how high in price she could go. Instead of using a higher return to win the seller over, I decided to use his love of animals. I remembered seeing shelves with little dog figurines on them in the living room, and my buyer just so happened to be one of the biggest dog lovers I'd ever met. She also happened to have a 3 legged Corgi named Mr. Poofers. I knew Poofers was the key to getting us that house.

Mr. Poofers

I submitted the offer as high and as clean as my buyer could go, and also asked her to write a letter. A letter from her heart, explaining how much she loved the house and most importantly, I asked her to include Mr. Poofers. To talk about him and add a picture as well. She went above and beyond and wrote the perfect letter. That letter won her the house and ended with, P.S. I hope to win by Corgument.

Later that week I was in my office, skipping the office meeting (like usual), when agents starting coming back from the meeting and patting me on the back, saying good job, laughing, etc. Unbeknownst to me, my office manager had read my clients letter to the agents at the meeting in an effort to inspire them to also think outside the box when up against other buyers in a bidding war. It embarrassed me, but also showed me that I had done something special. That transaction was one of the first defining moments where I really fell in love with my job. I mean I have the best job in the world. I get to be creative, use my wacky brain for good, negotiate, help people during one of the most important transactions of their lives, and really make a difference. 

I will ALWAYS hope to win by Corgument. 

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