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I'm a native Tucsonan, whose heart is in both real estate and animal rescue. I grew up in Harold Bell Wright Estates. Thus was born my love for mid century properties. I remember my favorite time of the year in school being fundraising because I had an excuse to go door to door to all of my neighbors' homes and marvel at how beautiful they were. 


As I grew older I first explored my love for animals, which lead to working in animal hospitals and majoring in Animal Science at The University of Arizona. Eventually, I started my own pet sitting business. It was at that point that I was able to buy my first home and well, the rest is history. Once I realized that a Realtor literally held the key to the city, I decided to change careers and pursue my passion for homes. I got my real estate license and never looked back! After being in the industry for about 5 years, I started really being affected by the number of homes in my own mid century neighborhoods that were being picked up by flippers and torn apart. That inspired me to try to make a difference. I started reaching out to my neighbors as well as other mid century buffs in attempt to play matchmaker and pass these homes on to people that would truly love their charm and restore them in a way that fit the neighborhood. 


My goal is to truly make a difference. To be able to save the mid century homes in Tucson one by one and preserve their charm for generations to come. I love connecting with fellow mid century lovers so please, if you are someone I should know, reach out and let's get coffee! 


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